Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering, second edition (in Russian)

Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering, second edition (in Russian)
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Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering, second edition (in Russian)

Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering is a fine collection of type specimens selected by Jan Tschichold, a famous typographer and book artist. Only crème de la crème of the lettering world made it to this edition: true typeface role models with each and every one of them featuring exceptional beauty beyond time and fashion.

Before presenting his collection, Tschichold exercises in-depth analysis of letter anatomy, studies good and bad type, speaks on the use of upper and lower case, kerning, and leading. A good part of the book is dedicated to properly selecting a typeface for the task and to design with type and typography in general in a city environment. A vast number of precious historical illustrations are published in the original size and underwent a thorough retouching by the author, thus resulting in a better quality compared to the time-damaged originals.

Printed in Latvia


248 pages

Dimensions: 29,5 × 20,5 × 3 cm (11,6″ × 8″ × 1,2″)

ISBN 978-5-98062-089-9

Press run: 3000

Weight: 1.225 kg

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