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Hauss is a universal variable neo-grotesque typeface. It’s a low-contrast closed face with slightly dynamic proportions. It can easily handle texts of any size, is easily readable in dense matter and truly comes to life in headlines where it transforms to attract attention with its geometric character.

Hauss is the typeface of the future. It easily replaces all existing neo-grotesque faces as it is simply impossible to find a typeface that is more neutral than Hauss.

Character set includes an expanded Cyrillic alphabet, Latin alphabet, symbols and special characters. Also included are the less used but very useful symbols such as case-sensitive glyphs, fractions, superscript and subscript numbers.

Case-sensitive glyphs allow to type, for example, codes and phone numbers. They are vertically aligned with digits and give the text a steady and confident rhythm.

Hauss is a modern typeface with an endless range of styles. Its complete neutrality allows it to work in absolutely all cases where a typeface is required.

Also created was a version for use in screen graphics.

Designer: Alexey Malkov

Format: OpenType

Project page

The personal license allows to use the typeface in personal non-profit projects. The license is issued to a private individual.

Suitable for

Personal non-profit projects (documents, invitations, advertisements, letters)

Personal website or portfolio

Corporate identity, website or application of a non-profit charity organization

Unsuitable for

Commercial design project of an organization of any size

Online store

Personal business documents

  1. Choose license duration:

  2. Choose required typeface styles:
Hauss, Personal license

For any questions about licensing write at

The corporate license allows to use the typeface in any commercial projects. The license is issued to a company. If a designer is using the typeface in a project carried out for an organization, the organization must purchase a corporate license. The price of the license depends on the intended use of the typeface: in printed products, corporate identity or on a corporate website.

  1. Where will the typeface be used?

  2. Will the typeface be used in the design of corporate products and packaging, in outdoor advertising or menus?

  3. Approximate number of corporate products or packaging?

    Approximate number of copies of printed products?

  4. Number of products

  5. Choose license duration:

  6. Choose required typeface styles:
Hauss, Corporate license

For any questions about licensing write at

Shipment and payment

We accept Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment. Purchases delivered by courier in Moscow, Russia can be paid for with cash.

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