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    Abstract and cheerful, our Colorful pattern can fill anyone and everyone with joy and artistic inspiration.

    Our patterns work great for textiles, wallpapers, greeting cards, calendars, corporate totes and gift bags, websites, electronics front panels, cell phones, software interfaces, vehicles, and an endless number of other objects in need of an attractive design.

    Pattern scale depends on the intended use of the pattern: for clothes and print, use small and medium scale; for interior decoration, medium and large scale is more suitable.

    Designer: Lizaveta Romantsova

    Format: TIFF

    The student license allows to use the pattern for free in non-profit educational projects. Student ID is required to apply for the license. To use the pattern in personal or commercial projects, please apply for a personal or a corporate license.

    1. To receive the pattern for free, please upload a photo or a scan of the student ID:

    2. Please read the end user license agreement and type “I accept the license agreement” in the text field below:

    3. Choose required pattern colors:
    Colorful, Student license
    Freewith student ID

    For any questions about licensing write at

    The personal license allows to use the pattern in personal non-profit projects. The license is issued to a private individual.

    Suitable for

    Personal non-profit projects (documents, invitations, advertisements, letters)

    Personal website or portfolio

    Corporate identity, website or application of a non-profit charity organization

    Unsuitable for

    Commercial design project of an organization of any size

    Online store

    Personal business documents

    1. Choose license duration:

    2. Choose required pattern colors:
    Colorful, Personal license

    For any questions about licensing write at

    The corporate license allows to use the pattern in any commercial projects. The license is issued to a company. If a designer is using the pattern in a project carried out for an organization, the organization must purchase a corporate license. The price of the license depends on the intended use of the pattern: in printed products, corporate identity or on a corporate website.

    1. Where will the pattern be used?

    2. Will the pattern be used in the design of corporate products and packaging, in outdoor advertising or menus?

    3. Approximate number of corporate products or packaging?

      Approximate number of copies of printed products?

    4. Number of products

    5. Choose license duration:

    6. Choose required pattern colors:
    Colorful, Corporate license

    For any questions about licensing write at

    Shipment and payment

    We accept Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment. Purchases delivered by courier in Moscow, Russia can be paid for with cash.



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