Besedkus-1 gazebo

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Besedkus-1 gazebo

Besedkus-1 is a comfortable gazebo that allows to create a comfortable rest or picnic spot in any location.

Besedkus-1 is a modular cubic structure built around a metal frame. The interior is lined with warm and pleasant wood that can be of any color. Outside, the gazebo is covered with plywood decorated by an elegant floral pattern. Navigation elements or a park’s signature images can be placed on walls, the pavilion puts no limit to the designer’s imagination. Roll roofing protects the top of the structure from rain and snow. Wood is impregnated with a fireproof compound.

The cubic pavilions can be arranged into compositions of any complexity and size limited only by available space.

The gazebos can have different layouts including benches, benches and small tables, recliners for relaxed rest, etc.

Materials: steel, Angara pine

Interior finish: lacquered wooden planks

Dimensions: 240×240×240 cm (7,9′×7,9′×7,9′)

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Production and delivery

This product is custom made and delivered within Russia only by the Delovye Linii and Vodovoz transport companies. Delivery costs vary according to destination and are determined separately. Our store managers can assist you with further information about terms and conditions over the phone 8 800 200-40-33 or +7 495 105-91-24 or by email




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