Dear customers!

Individual licenses (both personal and student) allow to copy the typeface to one computer and use it in personal and non-profit projects. The student license grants the student the right to use the typeface at no charge in non-profit educational projects during the entire study period. The personal license grants the user the right to use the typeface in the design of personal documents, websites or blogs not related to any commercial activity. The user can use the typeface in a commercial project only if they have purchased the typeface for personal use and the client company for the project purchased a corporate license suitable for the intended use of the typeface.

Personal and corporate licenses should be chosen based on the expected duration, methods and purposes of the typeface use. If a typeface is intended to be used for multiple purposes, for example in a corporate identity and on a website, the company needs to purchase a corporate license that allows each intended purpose.

Any purchased typeface license is non-exclusive and cannot be returned or refunded. At the expiration of the purchased license, the user needs to purchase a new license or destroy the typeface files.