Nikolay Andreychenko and Andrey Reus

Ideology (in Russian)

Ideology (in Russian)
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Ideology (in Russian)

The authors of the book analyze ideas of educating new generations of intellectual and cultural people, the ideas of universal equality and coups d’état, theories of emergence and resolution of world conflicts, the processes of creating artificial intelligence and future technological breakthroughs. The ideas described in the book are analyzed in detail and categorized according to an original classification.

The goals of this publication: compiling a Red Book of endangered ideas, reincarnation of ideas that have changed their original meaning or that have been twisted, analysis of “toxic” ideas that have cost humanity too much, and identifying ways out of these situations. The influence of ideas on history is considered in the interval from ancient times to the emergence of the first plans for flights to Mars.

The book is not intended to be light reading, but will surely be of interest to people who are thinking about how to live in the modern world while understanding its structure.


320 pages

Dimensions: 144 × 215 mm (5,7″ × 8,5″)

Press run: 5000

ISBN 978-5-98062-143-8

Weight: 1 kg

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