Patrick King

Become A Human Behavior Scientist (in Russian)

Become A Human Behavior Scientist (in Russian)
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Become A Human Behavior Scientist (in Russian)

In this book, the well-known psychologist and personal development coach Patrick King teachers readers the scientific approach to reading other people’s intentions. He explains how to recognize a lie by facial expression and how to perceive nonverbal signals in behavior, revealing the person’s true way of thinking. This book is a combination of knowledge in the field of behavioral psychology and observation skills developed by the author over years of practice. King invites readers to find a shortcut to predicting the behavior of even the people they barely know with the help of emotional intelligence.

The cover shows that whatever type of personality a person might have, understanding him or her begins with a simple look at their pose. The rest is just a matter of skill.

Byblos publishing house


144 pages

Dimensions: 17 × 24 × 1 cm (6,7″ × 9,4″ × 0,4″)

ISBN 978-5-6048478-0-0

Published in 2022

Weight: 460 g

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